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Lars Spurious lars.spurious at gmail.com
Thu Jun 5 06:41:28 PDT 2008

sat down and watched the DVD of Manhattan Tuesday again last night. An
emotional experience. And an immersive one, too - you really get a sense
(particularly from camera angle 3) of the percussive elements of the set.
Really interesting to watch Chris Corsano bowing his kit. And it's a great
angle to watch the Rep vocalising. Very precise, very careful. A great deal
is gained watching the DVD rather than simply listening to it. As I say, it
was a deeply emotional experience - intensely moving. Sometimes I find the
lyrics of the piece a bit awkward when I listen to them. But watching ... I
hardly noticed. Also, the closeup on the lyric book is great - very neatly
written lines. 3 and a half pages you hear the Rep saying - longer than

watched the rehersal again, too. Couldn't hear exactly what was being said
between the Rep and Barry Esson, but I liked his openness to the musicians
between songs. 'Is that okay? Do you think we could do anything different?'
His hands look old, but his face ageless. So thin! He makes a remark about
fluffing a lyric as well - 'must be careful about that', he says.

Must reiterate - this is a momentous release. There were rumours the Rep did
some kind of interview at the Belgian gig he did a few years back. I wonder
if this refers to something else that might pop up as a DVD extra soon
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