[Jandek] hipster...

Justin chairbesideawindow at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 3 14:18:45 PDT 2008

whoever said hipsters were 'yuppies" here is a more
accurate definition of what one is "In the 1990s and
2000s, the 1940s slang term hipster began being used
in North America to describe young, well-educated
urban middle class and upper class adults with
leftist, liberal, or libertarian social and political
views and interests in a non-mainstream fashion and
cultural aesthetic. While definitions vary, hipsters
are often associated with alternative music, "indie"
culture (independent rock and independent film), and
other non-mainstream products, such as vintage
clothing. Hipsters may dress in a campy or ironic
manner, pairing expensive vintage clothes with
working-class clothing. The social scene in some major
cities is centered in a gentrified downtown area where
DJ clubs, fair-trade coffee cafés, and organic
restaurants sit side-by-side with thrift stores and
working class taverns."


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