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Hear-hear!!  Well said!> Date: Sun, 1 Jun 2008 20:39:49 -0400> From: rpchurch at nc.rr.com> To: jandek at mylist.net; nofxfonofx at gmail.com> Subject: Re: [Jandek] Autograph> CC: > > Well, you are on a Jandek list so, if you don't think the folks on it are going to be a bit obsessive about Jandek you probably want to rethink that.> > And, I'd have to disagree with your statement. Without the man, there is no music. But, the man can exist, irregardless of whether or not he is making music. And, I think if you have made the effort to seek out his music, you are more than likely at least a little bit into the mythology.> > My guess is that, if you are into Jandek, you are probably also a little into the idea of Sasquatch. :-)> > Plus, the speculation is just part of the fun. Is the music great? Yeah (at least, I like it). But the oddity of it is like Bizarro GG Allin. He's an artist who (until lately, anyway) doesn't want a whole lot to do with his public, but will still have filtered contact with them. If you're going to obsess, I think that is a pretty fun thing to obsess about.I've always been a secret decoder ring kind of guy!> > R> > ---- nmhnmh <nofxfonofx at gmail.com> wrote: > > i think you guys are a little to obsessive about jandek, its about the> > music not the man> > > > On Sun, Jun 1, 2008 at 12:38 AM, Richard Church <rpchurch at nc.rr.com> wrote:> > > For what it is worth, I got this note directly from Corwood, with a CD> > > order:> > > http://flickr.com/photos/rpchurch/2293144005/in/pool-646301@N25> > > Kind of ironic, as it is (sort of) an autograph, denying an autograph> > > request. If I didn't love the guy before, I definitely did after.> > > R> > > _______________________________________________> > > jandek mailing list> > > jandek at mylist.net> > > http://mylist.net/listinfo/jandek> > >> > >> > > > > > > > -- > > "To date, Jandek's released twenty-nine albums. That's the equivalent> > of a tree falling in the forest- twenty nine times."> > Irwin Chusid> > _______________________________________________> jandek mailing list> jandek at mylist.net> http://mylist.net/listinfo/jandek
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