[Jandek] ??????

Justin chairbesideawindow at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 1 20:43:15 PDT 2008

I was online and found this excerpt 
from apparently a quote from mr. smith
about nancy and John,

"Nancy was Nancy [last name withheld], a southern Ohio
cosmopolitan hillbilly type who ran across my path one
day and I asked her to sing what I had written as I
played the guitar. There were no notes or anything and
she just picked up the paper with words and sang and I
played guitar as simple as that!... She’s featured in
many future cuts, mostly electric. The cut “No Break”
on side 2 features her sister Pat [last name withheld]
on vocals, myself on elec guitar and Nancy in a very
unaggressive drum stint. 
    [Other tracks feature] myself on 6 string elec
guitar + vocals, John [name withheld] on base [sic]
and John “Poe” on drums. They were around the house
“Poe” lived there next door. I asked them to sit in. I
don’t believe “Poe” ever played drums beore. I was so
impressed. I couldn’t think of another drummer so
absolute except maybe Ginger Baker from Cream... 
    There is a multitude of further electric
composition. With a myriad (maye 12) other performers.
Also cuts on entire sides of myself overdubbing base,
6 string, vocals and drums all performed by myself..."

So if he stated this in a letter...
why did he not want to talk about it in the john
trubee interview?


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