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Albert Ayler albertayler at live.com
Sun Jul 27 15:51:01 PDT 2008

I've got some time, so here's some thoughts:

First of all, the Bug was way hot, but neat to look at. There was about 150 people there, I guess, give or take. Only a few people left, less than ten I'm sure. Here's how the show went down:

1. The first song starts like some lost My Bloody Valentine thing. I'd been real worried about the married in berdichev girl's vocals, but that's cause I thought she was gonna be a Nancy sound alike, you know, singing a few of her own songs. Not at all. She did gorgeous vocals beamed in from space. And Corwood ROCKS! I mean, here's Jandek with this big-ass bass, moving around like crazy, going back on his knees and whapping the strings with his thumb.I've heard a record of his with bass and it wasn't like this. But then this bad thing happens: he sings. Like, the song is all great, and holding together nicely, and then he sings in some crazy offtune key (yeah, it's Jandek, but still...) and you can't even understand the words cause the sound guy ain't mixing them right. So that takes down the second half of the first song. Plus, there's this metal-head looking dude who keeps going backstage by CROSSING THE BACK OF THE STAGE and it totally takes me out of the music. Later, I realize he's the beer guy, like he keeps bringing beers for the drummer. I hope this is captured on DVD, cause the drummer would down one, beer guy would give him another, and the drummer would go at it. You'll see. There was also a disco ball that came off and on, and the first time it was weird and stopped all of a sudden but the second time it was all psychedelic (a good way to describe the music) and awesome.

2. The first part of the second song is even worse. Here's the lineup: Two guys on guitar, both sitting, one plays the same guitar (electric) all the time, the other has like seven guitars by him but only plays an acoustic and an electric and an electric bass. Then there's the girl with the great vocals and the best damn drummer in the fucking world, or was that night. Oh yeah, but the second song was bad, at least for a bit. The two guitars couldn't figure out what to do, and Jandek was playing some other song. The drums kept up, though, and amazingly they got through it. Vocals were better, but not great.

3. The rest of the show was so awesome I can't even talk about it. Like, Jandek stops singing so much and starts talk singing like he does sometimes, and that's rad. And the band does these slow songs, like four of them, that remind me of Talk Talk around "Spirit of Eden." God it was good! Everytime it would start to get boring, somebody would do something you didn't expect. The drummer seemed to have a new trick for everything, and sometimes even whacked the things with mallets! I forgot how many songs were played, how much time went by...it was that good!His lyrics were about, I think, some chick he used to know and was pissed at or something. And music. And alot of it I couldn't understand, but I didn't care, cause he delivered well and the band just...wow. Two and a half hours later they were done. I was supposed to go see Boris, but I didn't. I couldn't take in anything. I walked outside and passed a guy smoking a joint - just out there on the street, and everybody was like - stunned. I wanted to get stoned so i got drunk instead and just kept going "shit." Goddamn right it was worth it. Buy this thing! And see Jandek wherever the hell he goes next, but tell him to bring this band.


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