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Rob Turner elephantpie at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 27 03:02:36 PDT 2008

I'm just in the process of organizing another order of Jandek CD's, and was wondering if anybody had any particular favourites that are not always highlighted on the well-known discographies? I've already got hold of about 30 Corwood albums, and am hoping to find some buried gems. An example for me, of an album which never seems to get fair mention, is 'New Town'. 
I thought to arrange such a request, and to maybe make it a bit more interesting, it might make sense to do a 'favourite album by era' chart... Sort of like the Greatest Hits compilations that pop up every now and then.
So, here's mine:
First Acoustic Phase (0739-0745) - SIX AND SIX
First Band Phase (0746-0752) - TELEGRAPH MELTS
Second Band Phase (0753-0759) - ONE FOOT IN THE NORTH
Second Acoustic Phase (0760-0766) - NEW TOWN
Acapella Phase (0767-0769) - THIS NARROW ROAD
Pre-Live Modern Phase (0770-0778) - THE END OF IT ALL
Live Phase - (0779-  ) MANHATTAN TUESDAY
Post-Live Modern Phase (0780-  ) - RAINING DOWN DIAMONDS
Hoping for some recommendations... Particularly amongst the 'Modern' and 'Live' phases: where many of the online discographies kind of break down a bit!
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