[Jandek] are there any women who like or understand jandek's music?

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Well sure there are. There are girl fans of every band on the face of the earth. Misogynist powernoise bands have plenty of girl fans too. 

More boys collect records/are musical hipsters than girls, plain & simple. It's not some crime or secret. More boys pay attention to sports stats. More girls pay attention to flower arranging. Vive le difference.

So, yep, it's pretty likely that more boys collect Jandek. It's also pretty likely that more boys collect Motorhead. 

Most people of whatever gender think Jandek is just untuned yowling & are instantly repulsed. Hipsters, aesthetes & freaks are pretty much your total potential fan base. Dentists like dentistry, music nerds like unusual music. Nothing wrong with that.

I'd say, if you want to check out some stuff that girls like, take up quilting.

Me, I'd rather read about, oh say, Jandek & Thomas Mann, Jandek & faustian literature, Jandek & geography, Jandek & Andy Kaufman....not much interest in Jandek & girls though. Too easy.

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  hello, it seems it is only men who comment on the representative from corwood. i am interested in hearing some thoughts of this enimatic artist from some women.
  are there andy female fans out there?
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