[Jandek] are there any women who like or understand jandek's music?

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Fri Aug 1 11:08:03 PDT 2008

I have seen some women on this list.. I've been a J-Man fan since '05, so I
guess I am a newbie, but I take it very seriously. Ladies?

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> hello, it seems it is only men who comment on the representative from
> corwood. i am interested in hearing some thoughts of this enimatic artist
> from some women.
> are there andy female fans out there?
> marc
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> I'm curious-how do we know "Eddie's" ethnicity?  I'm not exactly
> well-versed on the "Eddie" lore in the Jandek canon, other than tthe fact
> that here is a second guitarist on some albums, and The Rep may have told
> that guitarist to "Take it, Eddie" on a track.
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> That's because Eddie played guitar on "Blue Corpse" and "You walk alone."
> also it is known that Eddie was not white. He met Sterling when he was
> paving his driveway, and the rest is history...
> On Thu, Jul 31, 2008 at 8:27 AM, Vincent, Jonathan C <
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> i don't know about you but "blue corpse" and "you walk alone" are the most
> confusing to me... as in the semi normal  12 bar blues playing just makes it
> seem lame and half assed(like any other number of derivative twaddle out
> there)... but it ain't because it is bizarre... it is because it is just
> sadly normal... and that guitar player( if it is the same dude on both cause
> it sounds like it) is BAD!( as in shitty ass weak white boy sameness)
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> Okay, i remember a while ago (2005) meeting fellow Jandek fan Paul condon,
> and i asked him to guess what i thought was possibly the most confusing and
> bizzare corwood release from its entire back catalouge. I added that this
> particulair cd  is literally one big question mark to me.
> He thought for a moment and then answered correctly.....Do any other jandek
> fans know which release i am talking about? See if you can guess!
> Danny:)
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