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 I in no way meant the term "myth" in a negatve sense.? On the contrary, actually! ? Perhaps "mystique" would have been a better word.


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I don't think Jandek is about a "myth" he is just unorthodox. I just
think once the sites updated list activity will increase

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> Regarding the perceived apathy that one poster commented, I wonder if
> Jandek's "coming out" into the public eye didn't inadvertently diminish the
> "legend" in a way.  I became aware of Jandek through Irwin Chusid's
> Atrocious Music Program on VWFMU 91.1 FM in N.J., before he wrote the "Key
> of Z' book, in the mid- to late 80's.  In the pre-internet days it was much
> harder to access any information on such arcane stuff, and you rarely saw a
> Jandek album even in the used bins in stores (basically only in lower
> Manhattan and one or two stores in NJ).  At that point only freaks who
> listened to stuff like WFMU (true free form radio) were "hip" to Jandek.
>  This changed with the documentary "Jandek on Corwood".  The documentary
> definitely played up the "elusive & mysterious" part of his persona.  It's
> therefore ironic that the movie resulted in a (certainly limited) increase
> in exposure, and presumably in CD sales, which ultimately convinced him to
> "come out".  I am certainly intrigued by the prospect of seeing him live (so
> far no dates in southern California yet), but the myth is not what it was.
> I'm not saying that I regret that he has had increased interest and
> (relative) success, but it's a different Jandek era.
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