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Regarding the perceived apathy that one poster commented, I wonder if Jandek's "coming out" into the public eye didn't inadvertently diminish the "legend" in a way.? I became aware of Jandek through Irwin Chusid's Atrocious Music Program on VWFMU 91.1 FM in N.J., before he wrote the "Key of Z' book, in the mid- to late 80's.? In the pre-internet days it was much harder to access any information on such arcane stuff, and you rarely saw a Jandek album even in the used bins in stores (basically only in lower Manhattan and one or two stores in NJ).? At that point only freaks who listened to stuff like WFMU (true free form radio) were "hip" to Jandek.? 

This changed with the documentary "Jandek on Corwood".? The documentary definitely played up the "elusive & mysterious" part of his persona.? It's therefore ironic that the movie resulted in a (certainly limited) increase in exposure, and presumably in CD sales, which ultimately convinced him to "come out".? I am certainly intrigued by the prospect of seeing him live (so far no dates in southern California yet), but the myth is not what it was.? I'm not saying that I regret that he has had increased interest and (relative) success, but it's a different Jandek era.

Huntington Beach, CA
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