[Jandek] "Jandek: Psychology and Art" April 11 at Temple U.

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Fri Apr 4 00:10:49 PDT 2008

Academia? wow, my head's spinning in a good way. How can anyone give a  
grounded lecture or debate about any kind of truly original music?  
Human genetics are so complex that any documented thoughts or  
criticisms on something that sounds like nothing else -- Sonny  
Sharrock, Tom T. Hall, Wolfmangler, Jack Nitzsche, Patty Waters,  
Scratch Acid -- comes off as a description of an acid trip or a dream  
that can never be repeated. If anything to do with Jandek (especially  
Khartoum, my heavens!) comes up on a final examination, there's  
something wrong with the world. Please do not let the terrorists win.

Confession: I'm like totally tripping right now. Cheers then.

On Apr 3, 2008, at 12:06 PM, Lars Spurious wrote:

> Very intrigued by this event. I gave a talk on Jandek in the music  
> department at Newcastle University in November last year. There was  
> a LOT of resistance to the music on the part of the audience (I  
> played them 'I Shot Myself' from Khartoum), but I did find an ally  
> in one of the performers in the department prior to the talk.
> I also know that a lecturer in the Philosophy department at  
> University College Cork, Ireland played several tracks by Jandek as  
> part of a third year course on Theories of Interpretation ('The  
> Park' from Ruins of Adventure was featured prominently). Any other  
> accounts of Jandek in academia?
> On Thu, Apr 3, 2008 at 4:58 AM, chris at wordfortress.com <chris at wordfortress.com 
> > wrote:
> For those attending Philly Saturday, here is an event on the eve of  
> the
> concert to whet your appetite.
> "Jandek: Psychology and Art"
> April 11: 4 pm, early showing, 7:30 pm, second showing.
> Temple University, Tuttleman 105 (13th St & Montgomery Ave).
> This presentation provides a psycho-theological and literary  
> overview of
> the Corwood corpus. Themes of the songs will be explored via  
> existential
> and analytical psychology, and a discussion of mystical states of
> consciousness.  After a brief introduction, we will delve into
> particular songs, focusing on the live performances published on  
> Corwood
> DVD's, projected here on the big screen.  Speculations, controversies,
> and questions will be raised, and audience discussion encouraged.   
> Prof.
> Christopher Anderson (Psychology, Temple U.) will present the papers  
> on
> Jandek.  The showings are to be nonidentical.
> This presentation is free and open to the public.
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