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 Danen Jobe wrote about Chris Corsano, percussion-man extraordinaire backing

I know this is far too early on in a career to be saying this, but having
been blown away by some of his playing and then getting everything else by
him that I can find, I really do think that young Mr. Corsano is a drummer
for the ages.  I think he may get up there with Elvin Jones and Sunny Murray
and the other jazz drummers that are held up as icons, as he can lay back
and texturize when needed, drop the jazz bombs Elvin Jones stylee when
needed, and then blow the walls down when it's called for.  It's a good
feeling to find somebody so obviously gifted.  The kid is really alright,
and worth watching.

If Jandek ever plays Minneapolis, I saw the perfect backup player for him, a
Mr. Lee Counts, an unknown who plays an amplified sheet of metal with
powertools through a bank of delays and a wall of amps.  He can actually
keep a steady-tempo beat and then play melodies over it without degenerating
into undifferentiated noise.  He may be good if The Corwood Representative
ever has a free jazz/circuit bent stage.

Photos of the metal sheet virtuoso at:

Stacey Graham
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