[Jandek] Loren Connors

Marc Masters marc at crankautomotive.com
Fri Sep 28 20:07:46 PDT 2007

Some other great Connors stuff on the horizon: "As Roses Bow: Collected Airs
1992-2002" 2CD on Family Vineyard featuring stuff from 10 different releases
due out in Nov., a DVD compilation that will include footage with Jandek due
sometime next year, and a feature article about Connors (by me, sorry for
the self-promo) in the next issue of the Wire in which he talks briefly
about playing with Jandek.

Marc M.

> I'm sure someone has beaten me to promoting it, though, if so, I missed it,
> but Loren Connors has a new LP out in a run of 499 (well, in any practical
> terms, 474, since the first 25 were individualized and, I'm sure, already gone
> to friends, long-time supporters, etc.) called HYMN TO THE NORTH STAR (just
> vinyl, far as I can see, though that's not much of a deterrent to me...).  It
> has a nicely blurred cover picture and, well, the same sort of very minimal
> spacey guitar/bass interplay inside that one may associate with his work with
> the Rep (and Alan Licht is also on one track here as well).
> Tim
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