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Phil Todd is/was the boss of an experimental music label called "Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers". He's made probably about a hundred or more tapes, LPs, and CDs under a bunch of different names like Ashtray Navigations, Inca Eyeball and so on. 

At least I think so, I'm quite tired and am prepared to admit I'm wrong, but I used to trade tapes with him back in the day when I ran my own experimental music label (mainly tapes, a few 7"s and a couple of CDs) back in the mid-late 90s. He's a good guy, and I wish I could afford to go over there and watch him play.

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  Jandek plays with Alex Nielsen and Phil Todd playing at 21:00 11th November at the Voxhall Aarhus, for 130 krone (about 13/ $21). 

  Oh man, that is going to be a hell of a show. Another interesting Aarhus fact (I've just learned a bunch of them - I don't think I'd heard of the city prior to this gig): it has the youngest population in Europe, and supposedly a killer nightlife. Curious to get concertgoers perspective. Even MORE curious about how this will sound: it seems like a "rock" show, but Nielsen (as shown in a variety of places) can do damn near everything, including at least six percussive things I'd never thought of, and as I know nothing about Phil Todd (info? anyone?) I can't say what this show might be. 

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