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I guess he felt like it was in his best interest to get the domains when
he started getting really famous (you know what I mean) before someone
else did.  Maybe when pass away he'll put all the albums up for

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>>>>> "dagmarten" == dagmarten  <dagmarten at gmail.com> writes:

 >> Registrant: CORWOOD INDUSTRIES PO BOX 15375 HOUSTON, TX 77220-5375
>> US  >> Domain Name: JANDEK.COM  >> Administrative Contact: CORWOOD
INDUSTRIES novalidemail at worldnic.com  >> PO BOX 15375 HOUSTON, TX
77220-5375 US (713) 926-4044 fax: NONE

 dagmarten> Strange, I doubt it was actually registered by Corwood. And
dagmarten> you'd think if it's been registered since 2002 we would of
dagmarten> seen something by now, right?

I heard someone ask the rep about this and he said the domains
jandek.com and corwoodindustries.com do in fact belong to Corwood.
I don't know if he plans to do anything with them.

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