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Listmembers may be interested in one of the following events ...


*4.30 – 6.00 CETL Seminar Room*

*Armstrong** **Building**, **Newcastle** **University***

*All Welcome *

*October 10th *

*Dr Goffredo Plastino, ICMuS, **Newcastle** **University***

*Jazz Napoletano: A Passion for Improvisation*

* *

*October 17th *

*Professor Paula Higgins,  **University** of **Nottingham***

*Stemming the Rose, Queering the Song: ***Brokeback** **Mountain***, Old **
Hollywood**, and the Radical Politics of Rufus Wainwright*

* *

* *

*October 24th *

*Richard Elliott & Dr Lars Iyer, ICMuS and Centre for Research in Knowledge,
Science and Society, **Newcastle** **University***

*The Late Voice/ Posthumous Voice in Popular Music: Nina Simone and Jandek*

* *

* *

*October *

*31st *

*Richard Middleton, Emeritus Professor of Music, ICMuS, **Newcastle** **

*Vox Populi, Vox Dei. Or, Imagine, I'm Losing My Religion: Musical Politics
after God*

* *

* *

*November 7th *

*Professor Peter Hill, **University** of **Sheffield***

*Messiaen's Birdsong Researches, from 'Réveil' to 'Catalogue d'Oiseaux'.*

* *

* *

*November 14th *

*Dr Will Edmondes, ICMuS, **Newcastle** **University***

*The Axis Collage and Improvisation*

* *

* *

*November 21st *

*Dr Paul Attinello, ICMuS, **Newcastle** **University***

*AIDS Rage: Paranoia and Anger in Music about AIDS*

* *

* *

*November 28th *

*Simon Frith, Tovey Professor of Music, University of **Edinburgh***

*Can Music Progress?  Reflections on the History of Popular Music*

* *

*December 5th *

*Dr Caroline Bithell, **University** of **Manchester***

*The Natural Voice, Community Choirs and 'World' Song Repertoire*

* *

*December 12th *

* *

*Music and Machines Event *(details will be supplied by Bennett Hogg)**

Enquiries vic.gammon at ncl.ac.uk
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