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No offence meant to Marc Masters, as some of their individual journalists are absolutely superb, but The Wire, all told, is a horrible magazine. Even though I love lots of the music they talk about, it's all done in such a rarefied way, in such a "smug know-it-all talking to other smug know-it-all" manner that it must put a lot of people off.

The music they review is brilliant and in some cases life-changing, but you'd never guess that from the way they talk about it.

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  Marc Masters admitted he wrote for Wire Magazine.  That, sir, is perhaps the greatest magazine out there, so thank you for being part of it.

  You write for Wire.  You are a Jandek fan.   I think you know what you have to do.  It would be the story of a lifetime.  
  Stacey Graham
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