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Hello there. I'm new to the list in the last few days and this is my first post.

We recently moved into a new house and while I was in the process of packing and moving all my LPs I discovered a copy of Blue Corpse in my collection. I honestly don't remember buying it, but there it was. The name rang a bell though so I made a mental note to do some research and promptly forgot about it for a few days. 

A few days later there I am on WikiPedia reading all about the Corwood Industires story. I am intriegued. On a venture to a local record store I discover that they stock some Jandek CDs. So, I picked up Blue Corpse and Newcastle Sunday.

After listening to them a couple of times. I think I'm hooked. I've since ordered another handfull of CDs. (Ready For The House, Six and Six, Follow Your Footstep, Glasgow Sunday, Manhattan Tuesday, and Brooklyn Wednesday)

I like the sound of Jandek. The non-musical musicality of it. I play guitar myself and within what I've heard so far, I can really relate to the sound of his playing. He reminds me of this quote from Neil Young (my all-time favorite songwriter, singer, guitarist, etc). 

Neil Young: 
"At a certain point, trained, accomplished musicians, hit the wall. They don't go there very often, they don't have the tools to go through the wall, because it's the end of notes. It's the other side, where there's only tone, sound, ambience, landscape, earthquakes, pictures, fireworks, the sky opening, buildings falling, subways collapsing. . . . When you go through the wall, the music takes on that kind of atmosphere, and it doesn't translate the way other music translates. When you get to the other side, you can't go back. I don't know too many musicians who try to go through the wall. I love to go through the wall."

Don't know what I've quite gotten myself into here, but it should be interesting to say the least.
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