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Fri May 11 17:09:09 PDT 2007

This will probably be the fifth or sixth such response by the time these
are approved, but this was taken to be a hoax when it first appeared. If
you comb through the archives, you'll find the year and posts that
reference this when it occured...


> Apologies if this tidbit has been posted before
> http://www.lacitybeat.com/article.php?id=1382&IssueNum=75
> When the French philosopher Jacques Derrida died at the age of 74 on
> October
> 8, the power of his work to provoke intense debate did not perish with
> him.
> Following a dismissive and, many have argued, disrespectful obituary by
> Jonathan Kandell in the October 10, Sunday, New York Times, intellectuals
> and artists are rising up to defend Derrida's honor and to testify to his
> importance.
> A letter co-authored by Samuel Weber, Avalon Foundation Professor of
> Humanities at Northwestern, and Kenneth Reinhard, associate professor of
> English and Comparative Literature at UCLA, denounced the Times obituary
> as
> "mean-spirited and uninformed" and has been gathering signatures from the
> halls of academe to a diverse range of Derrida-inspired thinkers. [...]
> The list includes writers J.M. Coetzee, Mark Strand, Samuel R. Delany,
> Nicholas Royle, and Rick Moody; musicians Jandek,  [...]
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