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When the French philosopher Jacques Derrida died at the age of 74 on October
8, the power of his work to provoke intense debate did not perish with him.
Following a dismissive and, many have argued, disrespectful obituary by
Jonathan Kandell in the October 10, Sunday, New York Times, intellectuals
and artists are rising up to defend Derrida's honor and to testify to his

A letter co-authored by Samuel Weber, Avalon Foundation Professor of
Humanities at Northwestern, and Kenneth Reinhard, associate professor of
English and Comparative Literature at UCLA, denounced the Times obituary as
"mean-spirited and uninformed" and has been gathering signatures from the
halls of academe to a diverse range of Derrida-inspired thinkers. [...]

The list includes writers J.M. Coetzee, Mark Strand, Samuel R. Delany,
Nicholas Royle, and Rick Moody; musicians Jandek,  [...]
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