[Jandek] Jandek DOES invite the fans to drop by...

Danen D. Jobe djobe at uark.edu
Thu Mar 29 21:09:52 PDT 2007

> Where do we put the boundary, once we decide that we will be the 
> arbiters?
> I wonder, why doesn't The Corwood Rep. invite acquaintances and 
> fans to drop
> by the studio?

Actually he does, and the next recording will be in Manhattan, with Boston and Montreal to follow. We think of these as live performances, but they will be albums,  and really we as the audience are the rest of the musicians, as much a part of the process as the musicians. The audience response, after all, isn't to "oh wow, my favorite song. he played "Paint Your Teeth! Yeah!" but rather to music nobody's ever heard prior. It's always new, so the response is always (at least somewhat) natural. So it's more like Charles Mingus' "Jazz Workshops" (always improv affairs with a few ideas sketched out in advance) except that the Corwood Rep is kinda the anti-Mingus - I can't imagine the Rep breaking a musician's nose for playing an off-note, as Mingus did to trombonist Jimmy Knepper in 1962. But they both have huge ideas and the performance becomes, as Mingus explained it as "an open recording session with invited audience" and I believe Jandek shows are the modern equivalent.  So
 we ARE invited into the studio, so to speak.

Just a point.


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