[Jandek] REISSUES and NOISSUES: thought experiment

A. Chankin achankin at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 12:57:01 PDT 2007

Just for the fun of it, I want to consider whether something being not in
print isa good reason to download it.

I am going to use a more extreme case scenario to illustrate, and to wonder
where the boundaries are.

Suppose I made some recordings for an artist, that they didn't want to
issue.  For the sake of argument let's say they are "Jandek" recordings,
although it really doesn't matter whose they are.  Surely every engineer
with some experience has been in this situation with someone's recordings.
The originals or at least a copy of the unedited version remains with me.

Someone visits this studio, and decides they'll have a peek through the
source tapes.  They put some roofies in the engineer's drink and pillage the
tapes.  They then make available, for free or for profit, untold amounts of
'not in print' recordings by interesting artists.

Or in another scenario, let's say that I decide that the view that something
being not in print is a good reason to make it freely available, so I put it
all online.

What do you think of this?
(The activity itself, and the downloading of it.)

Action at a distance always makes an activity you wouldn't otherwise do,
seem more acceptable.  Look at how guns and bombs have altered warfare.
It's the same kind of thing.  A lot of people who wouldn't feel comfortable
bootlegging something at a concert are perfectly happy to download it.
Likewise I wouldn't feel comfortable stabbing someone to death with a
bayonet but if you give me a button that will have the same effect on
someone thousands of miles away, and some incentives and commands to do it,
you might get me to do it (see, Milgram, Stanley).

Where do we put the boundary, once we decide that we will be the arbiters?

I wonder, why doesn't The Corwood Rep. invite acquaintances and fans to drop
by the studio?

other hand, we all lose control sometimes, but losing control a lot of For
me personally, it comes down to respect for others now.  That is my personal
choice, as AV pointed out, no one here can, or is interested in, stopping
you or damning you.  But if that kind of activity is going to be brought up
on a discussion list, we may as well discuss it from all angles.  And my
angle is that if it is at all feasible to get permission, or do things in a
more legitemate way, I would like to do them that way.  The justifications
for doing otherwise, in the cases we are discussing, just don't appeal to
me.  On thethe time is not a goal to which I aspire.

P.S. Probing the Gate

On 3/29/07, Alimarea Vasquez < beachdame125 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Mark L said...
> "Besides, there are many great live albums now made available thanks to
> torrrenting, or just albums that have been deleted for years and will
> never
> be reissued. Am I harming the performer in any way by getting "illegal"
> copies of these works? "
> To correct him... every single release from Corwood Industries is
> available
> right now on CD... so to argue that some have been deleted and are not
> available ... or wont be reissued is wrong.
> the only albums that aren't available are the ones that haven't been
> released yet.... DUH!
> Give money to Corwood Industries. Order from the source. If you want to
> download then do it, its not like anyone is going to control you or damn
> you
> to hell.
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