Alimarea Vasquez beachdame125 at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 29 07:02:16 PDT 2007

Mark L said...

"Besides, there are many great live albums now made available thanks to 
torrrenting, or just albums that have been deleted for years and will never 
be reissued. Am I harming the performer in any way by getting "illegal" 
copies of these works? "

To correct him... every single release from Corwood Industries is available 
right now on CD... so to argue that some have been deleted and are not 
available ... or wont be reissued is wrong.

the only albums that aren't available are the ones that haven't been 
released yet.... DUH!

Give money to Corwood Industries. Order from the source. If you want to 
download then do it, its not like anyone is going to control you or damn you 
to hell.

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