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Mark L famous_mortimer at dsl.pipex.com
Wed Mar 28 23:13:23 PDT 2007

>Is it murder? No.  But can we morally justify to break the law in this case, just because we can't wait for >the official release?  I am not persuaded that this is a compelling reason to infringe on someone's right. 

Then it appears your morals and my morals (and the morals of every single person who's ever used Soulseek or a torrent site) are different. Like I said, the only reason I heard Jandek's music in the first place is through downloading an album. Thanks to me having that opportunity, I then bought six albums from Corwood (and will certainly buy more in the future). To make a "moral" case that I was wrong to do that is deny Corwood a source of income.

Besides, there are many great live albums now made available thanks to torrrenting, or just albums that have been deleted for years and will never be reissued. Am I harming the performer in any way by getting "illegal" copies of these works? 
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