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Tue Mar 27 05:07:16 PDT 2007

>From: "A. Chankin" <achankin at gmail.com>
>To: jandek at mylist.net
>Subject: Re: [Jandek] Jandek bootlegs? I Knew About Them...
>Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2007 19:43:36 -0500
>Someone's accused of "bragging" about possessing something stolen?
>How could that be bragging to you?
>Why, would you feel jealous if he kept an unauthorized, illegal recording 
>You should be glad if he does; he won't be tempting you to steal as well.
>I feel sad on behalf of some of you.
>It's better for you, not to mention others, when you don't feel a need to
>take other people's interesting things before they are given freely.
>There are interesting things all around us, that are free.
>If you look around and think there isn't, think again.
>If you really think there isn't...
>make something interesting...
>it doesn't take much.
>it's sad if you have to covet other people's creations, taken unwillingly,
>in stead of using your own creative abilities.  Who cares about waiting 2
>years for another Jandek cd?  Other things will come out in that time, and
>we will have all sorts of other things to do besides.
>I feel sad for you who feels the need to take things.  I am no better than
>you, no less susceptible to these impulses.  Yet I feel cautious around
>people who follow them unfettered, because it tells me I can't trust them.
>"It takes a lot longer to die than to live"

Its borrowing, not stealing. I wouldnt mind hereing London Tuesday. YOU NO 
because i was there!...and wouldnt mind fuckinwell hearin it again! but REST 
ASSURED. the cd will be purchased when released...

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