[Jandek] Re: Corwood Record, Rather Ripped!

Spencer Graham soccerdude219 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 5 11:04:41 PST 2007

For me it comes down to the technology- vinyl is the literal capture of sonic vibrations, an actual impression of the sound waves dug into it, and it drags the needle the same way the original needle dragged it. A CD is a computer's interpretation of an actual sound, faithful but only a very realistic approximation of reality- it's similar to the difference between conventional and digital photography, though most people can barely tell the difference anymore if the technology's good enough. Still, if you get amazing audio equipment and a very clean record, you'll blow away the CDs every time, I guarantee. That said, I still love my ipod more than most people.
  P.S. And in the case of Jandek's mediocre remastering of his own product, it matters a great deal- the microphone bumps, awkward pauses, and stop-button-pressing, not to mention the creepiness of the pops and hisses of the vinyl itself, add a great deal to the "art" of Jandek's records. The songs hold their own in any format, of course, but these little details add a frame of too-close intimacy that enhances them perfectly- so I'm definitely in the pro-vinyl camp when it comes to the Jank Master. Hearing the music, as one reviewer said, "ooze out of the needle and onto the floor" is the best way to hear it. preferably in the dark as well. and staring at the ceiling. and living in terror for so long you've forgotten what you're afraid of.

Ross Morris <indiejanglefunkterrorist at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
    Just responding to Brian's request for Record rips...  Ive never really understood the audiophile obsession with vinyl for sound reasons.  Aesthetically I love records, but I've never found the quality to be anything less than substandard to CD's.  This is possibly due to my cheap materials.  
  Maybe thats why I love CDs - You can play a CD on almost any machine and it will sound virtually identical.  Guess its the communist in me.
  I'm interested to hear the arguments for record rips however, and I'm not taking the mick, because I do think this is partly down to my own ignorance.
  Be interesting to hear what people think...
  I think Ive broken the number one rule in music - "Thou shalt think vinyl is better than CD"
  See youse later

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