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Mon Mar 5 06:25:38 PST 2007

My thinking is that in most cases, CDs sound just fine / as good / better 
compared to rekkids, but there are numerous instances I can think of of specific 
albums that sound better on vinyl than on CD and those are mostly cases where 
the original CDs were made from the same two-tracks that were EQ'd for the 
sonic limitations of vinyl. What sounds good EQ'd, compressed and mastered for 
wax doesn't always sound as good slapped on a CD untouched / untweaked.
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Just responding to Brian's request for Record rips...  Ive never really 
understood the audiophile obsession with vinyl for sound reasons.  Aesthetically I 
love records, but I've never found the quality to be anything less than 
substandard to CD's.  This is possibly due to my cheap materials.  
Maybe thats why I love CDs - You can play a CD on almost any machine and it 
will sound virtually identical.  Guess its the communist in me.
I'm interested to hear the arguments for record rips however, and I'm not 
taking the mick, because I do think this is partly down to my own ignorance.
Be interesting to hear what people think...
I think Ive broken the number one rule in music - "Thou shalt think vinyl is 
better than CD"

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