[Jandek] Acoustic guitar

Seth Tisue seth at tisue.net
Thu Jun 21 06:05:44 PDT 2007

>>>>> "Yuval" == Yuval Legendtofski <legendtofski at gmail.com> writes:

 Yuval> The St.Giles bootleg pretty much confirms its the same bloke
 Yuval> playing guitar now as it was then. He's on acoustic with no
 Yuval> overdubs or FX and it sounds as gnarled and neurotic as anything
 Yuval> 'Herr Repness' has done. :)

Yeah, that's going to be another important one when it comes out,
especially to fans (like me) of Khartoum, Graven Image, and Glad to Get
Away.  It's a bit harder to hear the connection to the really early
acoustic LP's.  (Just to be completely clear, I never thought doubted it
was the same guy.  But sometimes you hear the connection to the early
LP's more strongly, sometimes less.)

Any list members going to be at the Montreal show?  See you there,

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