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The St.Giles bootleg pretty much confirms its the same bloke playing guitar
now as it was then. He's on acoustic with no overdubs or FX and it sounds as
gnarled and neurotic as anything 'Herr Repness' has done. :)

* Electric guitar:
> Watching the representative on stage and listening to the live albums,
> it's sometimes a little hard to imagine, to really feel, that it's the
> same man who recorded Ready for the House.  I got that uncanny feeling
> at the hatless Glasgow Monday piano show, but at the others, not as
> much.  But over the past few days, I've been listening to the early
> electric records, most of them for the first time since 2003 or so, and
> I found it thrilling to listen to the electric guitar playing on
> Interstellar Discussion (Corwood 0747, 1984), for example, and hear just
> how close it is, how palpably the same musician, as the one we've heard
> live recently.  You don't feel it as vividly on Glasgow Sunday and
> Newcastle Sunday because of all the effects on the guitar on those early
> shows, and because the playing was a bit restrained.  But listen to some
> of the instrumental sections of some later cuts on Austin Sunday where
> the rep cuts loose on guitar... or better yet, listen to Brooklyn
> Wednesday when it comes out, or the recording from Manhattan this March
> when that comes out, and the sense of connection across the decades is
> really vivid.  (If the Brooklyn recording comes out anything like I
> remember the concert, it's going to be a knockout.)
> *
> Anyway, I think we've been over some of this before, but I hadn't
> updated the site to include it, so unless you've been on the mailing
> list for years, you might have missed it.  I've added much of the above
> to the site now.
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