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"but perhaps he realized that he should let Sting have it."
  Yes, and Sting should let him have the lute- I think Jandek could do some real damage with that...

jodi shapiro <jodi at samuraiphotog.com> wrote:
      On Jun 9, 2007, at 12:06 PM, Spencer Graham wrote:

    And anyway, his bass playing was pretty cool, even if he didn't quite seem to know what he was doing in the way the other musicians clearly did- and gratefully, his bass playing isn't nearly as grating as his current guitar playing.


  I disagree. Like I said about the Manhattan show, he plays his instruments in a very idiosyncratic way (I don't think I have ever seen anyone play any bass, much less a fretless, with their middle and ring fingers), but in a way that seems to be of total comfort and confidence for him. Fretless bass is difficult to play, but I found his playing pretty effortless. 

    That's a damn cool bass...I gotta get me one o' those.. it sounded the most like a stand-up bass of any electric bass guitar I've ever heard.

IIRC, Godins are made specifically to sound like uprights.
Jandek's lyrics are getting darker and more sarcastic. Me like. I was a little bummed that with all the whirlpool imagery he didn't bust out a Scylla/Charybdis reference, but perhaps he realized that he should let Sting have it.  

  - jodi
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