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I just find it hard to believe that Jandek's voice appeared to have aged so much between 1977-1978 and 1985, when the Trubee interview took place. Granted, that's eight years, but I'll be damned if he doesn't sound like he's at most 20 or 21 on Ready for the House. He was already 33 in 1978- shouldn't he sound 33? I admit, there's no legitimate ground for this question, and the most intelIigent guess as to when the record was made is, as Bradley points out, 77-78, but I still don't believe he sounds like a 33 year old man on that album, and one thing you can't deny without getting into your own far-out speculation is that Sterling Smith was 33 in 1978. 
  But that's just my opinion. 
Bradleybee <bradleybee at yahoo.com> wrote:
  > If Jandek started
> recording in the late 60's as most of us believe, 

I appreciate the recent discussions concerning Beacon Hill, but
I feel I must qualify this statement...

The 1st LP was released in 1978, so saying that it was recorded
in 1977-1978 would be a good, conservative guess. However,
postulating that it was recorded a decade earlier and kept in a
shoebox until the late 70's is pretty far-flung revisionist
theory, and I would imagine that not many on the list subscribe
to this one. 

I would say that it's fine to theorize about Mr. Smith's
motivations, inspirations & intentions, but one should be
careful not to revise the physical history of the Jandek catalog
so it will fit in to a particular theory that you wish to be

Nothing personal, just a general comment...

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