[Jandek] My Response To Whatever the Hell about Whomever's Theory

Danen D. Jobe djobe at uark.edu
Fri Jul 6 00:04:35 PDT 2007

Not like me to get involved in these sorts of things, but I have to throw my ten-gallon hat down eventually. How do YOU know that said people "ain't got a clue?" I don't give a shit if you've gotten drunk with the man on multiple occasions, you offer no more proof than anyone else in this conversation as to your familiarity. You know the guy? All about him? What does it matter? Part of the reason I wrote my book is that Jandek, to me, is the sense every person takes out of the music. If Aunt Acid sees a veteran, then there you have it. Lauren disagrees, Nate concurs, whatever. But your response makes me sad, and is anything but the "Jandekian," as I see it.  I don't believe AT ALL that Corwood wishes to be represented with these sorts of "my best buddy" blanket statements. You live in Houston, and so do a few million other people. I have a hard time imagining the "Jandek club" where the Rep slides in and y'all have a grand ole time making fun of the people who've given time, 
thought, $, and - more than anything - respect to this man's music. You show no respect whatsoever. I think what Lauren was trying to say held weight - maybe he was a veteran, maybe he wasn't. Aunt Acid had a cool theory and somehow I don't think the Rep sits around and has a laugh about that. And I also doubt that - even if you see a guy named Sterling Smith shopping at Whole Foods and talking about snap beans on a daily basis - that you "know" him. Even if you did, that doesn't mean you "know" Jandek. 

Sorry in advance, I don't want to come off like a prick or start a flame war (God ANYTHING but that), but this sort of self-gratifying "in-crowd" blast at some of Corwood's most ardent supporters is not in any way in the spirit of the music as I hear it. And the beautiful thing about Jandek is - it doesn't matter what the "reality" is. Isn't that what he keeps harping on about in concerts of late? I certainly got that idea in Toronto and Austin and Atlanta, where it was a constant theme. Reality is what you make of it. The music belongs to the people who want to hear it. The listener tries to figure it out and comes up with a story of his or her own. I published mine, but what the hell. It doesn't make it better or worse than anyone else's. I love kicking around these theories, have for years.

Okay, enough rant. Hope you enjoy Ft Worth. Wish I wasn't in the middle of a big move or I'd be there - can't wait to hear about it. 


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> LOL!!  i LOVE it!!  the speculations and emotional reactions to 
> "jandek" theories are VERY entertaining to those of us who live in 
> houston and for many years have been familiar with the so-called 
> "obscure and mysterious" corwood rep.  he's everything you don't 
> think he is and he's nothing like you "know" he is.  in other 
> words, you ain't got a clue!!  but keep those cards, letters and 
> emails coming.......
>  jandekian
>  p.s. see y'all at the ft. worth shindig.
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