[Jandek] is Jandek on Last.FM?

Allen Rendel arendel at ripco.com
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I have been using last.fm (ID: alienrendel) and I know a few others on the
list have said that they do as well.  While there is some relatively obscure
stuff that shows up in the stream, I have never heard Jandek come up.  I
believe that last.fm has to cut deals with record labels and pay royalties
for the material they stream, so maybe they just have never gotten around to
setting up a deal with Corwood.  Anyone know for sure the mechanics of how
this works?

Allen Rendel
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  Any Jandek fans using a customizable music service like Last.FM?  If so,
does it's playlist go as obscure as Jandek?

  It's supposed to use algorhythms to provide a person with a customized
music stream so if it does have Jandek on it then it may also be able to
point people in the direction of other artists with similar aesthetics.  It
would be nice to be able to stream something like this at work, but thought
I would ask first if it actually has a deep enough playlist to not just be
like other online music stations.

  And, if it has Jandek can it be set up to stream just jandek?

  My 15gig Ipod is out of room for any more songs and I have to clear a
bunch off of it.  can't really afford a new one now.  If I could get Jandek
streamed that would open up a lot of room on my Ipod.

  Stacey Graham

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