[Jandek] is Jandek on Last.FM?

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Thu Jan 25 14:36:00 PST 2007

yep, found very easily:


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From: "stacey graham" <staceygraham at gmail.com>
Date:  Thu, 25 Jan 2007 15:00:43 -0600

>Any Jandek fans using a customizable music service like Last.FM?  If
>so, does it's playlist go as obscure as Jandek?
>It's supposed to use algorhythms to provide a person with a customized music
>stream so if it does have Jandek on it then it may also be able to point
>people in the direction of other artists with similar aesthetics.  It would
>be nice to be able to stream something like this at work, but thought I
>would ask first if it actually has a deep enough playlist to not just be
>like other online music stations.
>And, if it has Jandek can it be set up to stream just jandek?
>My 15gig Ipod is out of room for any more songs and I have to clear a bunch
>off of it.  can't really afford a new one now.  If I could get Jandek
>streamed that would open up a lot of room on my Ipod.
>Stacey Graham

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