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Thu Jan 25 14:30:10 PST 2007

Has anybody approached Jandek lately with the idea of producing the
definitive reference book on his music, like track by track and album by
album?  It seems like he is so much more out in the open lately that a
heartfelt offer to get the specifics nailed down for the ages might bear
fruit.  I'm not speculating on that which has been speculated upon endlessly
here since he bacame more of a public figure, but it would seem that if
somebody approached it respectfully with an eye towards the man's legacy
they may have a chance of at least getting feedback on a book.

I've just been thinking about a definitive Jandek book lately because I've
been re-reading the Lester Bangs books and the Lester Bangs bio and all I
could think about was what it would have been like if the mighty Lester
would have attempted to get the Jandek legend captured on the page.

I don't know who could do it now, who could wrap their heads around it all.
Maybe a Byron Coley/Thurston Moore tag team like how they do the Arthur
Magazine column.  Coley probably has the facts down, and whatever one
thinks about Thurston Moore it has to be admitted that he brings a lot of
enthusiasm and a shitload of music industry muscle to his pet projects.

Another thought I've had lately was of a Jandek song-impression wiki, a
user-modifiable online reference that could be a vast online repository of
people's thoughts regarding his songs.  There have been so many times I've
written down thoughts that jandek songs have brought into my meager mind,
and wished there were someplace to share the thoughts and read other's
thoughts.  This list is cool, but the form has it's limitations.

Sorry this was so long,
Stacey Graham
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