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A. Chankin achankin at gmail.com
Sun Feb 25 12:06:33 PST 2007

Sigh.  Where to start?

Possibly nowhere.

Thank you "Rappin Guy" for sharing something I sent you personally.  That
was so considerate of you.  I am sure I deserved it, for holding different
opinions than you.  To answer his question, why not look at both
statements.  They are not inconsistent with each other, or with anything
else I have posted.  And if they were, I would not give a damn.

"I'm getting late into this but a note or other correspondence from Mr.
Smith or anyone else is not a "Work" protected by any copyright law. A
"Work" is clearly defined under the copyright laws and is not the simple
product of conversation or correspondence."

I am sorry, but you could not be more wrong. I don't mean to offend anyone,
but you are misinforming people.

Call your local historical archive and ask them if copyright law pertains to
collections of correspondence, if you don't believe me.

As for the other ongoing discussion of the copyright issue, I'm not entering
into it any further.  I've shown you directly what it is.  Again, it doesn't
matter whether I agree with it or like it or whether you do.  It is what it
is.  I have no interest in debating its merits here.  It might possibly have
been an interesting conversation, but I don't really have the time to make
distinctions between people who are being rude and those who are willing to
be decent to each other on the list.  If anyone else would like to discuss
it with me anymore, please contact me off list.  I have said all I have to
say on the subject.  Further messages will be ignored unless they are sent
privately to me only, and by people who respect my privacy.

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