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A. Chankin achankin at gmail.com
Sun Feb 25 12:23:08 PST 2007

I'm going to completely contradict myself, and convince myself I am not, by
pretending this is a different subject.  Please play along or be contrary or
don't.  Please make up fake correspondence I have sent you that would
purportedly be highly embarrasing to me and post it to the list.

You should feel free to cover songs by any artist you want, whenever you
want.  Cover it verbatim, try to sound just like them, etc, etc.  Knock
yourself out.  The artist has no right to tell you you can't.

The only rights they have come in if and when you make some money off of
that cover song.  They have a right to share some of that.  If you are
making enough money off of cover songs, you will know about the mechanics of
this sharing.  They shared with you, you share with them.  It's nothing

Someone posted a purported Corwood correspondence here once about songs.
This correspondence supposely said something to the effect of Learning is OK
and Recording is not.  Now you can choose whether or not to believe that is
a real correspondence or not for yourself.  (It's just a bit inconsistent
with the "official tribute albums"...)

However, even if that were real, no one is under any obligation to respect
that.  He has no (legal) right to tell you you can't record, or even sell
versions of his songs that you perform.

Whether you would feel bound to respect that wish is another matter,
although as I mentioned I really wonder whether he wrote that or meant it if
he did.
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