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A. Chankin achankin at gmail.com
Thu Feb 22 10:16:05 PST 2007

Dear listies,

I apologize for playing into the "mean father" archetype to the hilt for
some of you, especially right after all that fun goodness where show
reactions were shared (which I could not, of course, aniticipate
punctuating).  Nonetheless, I am still a little surprised at some of the
flak I caught off-list just for explaning the practicalities of the matter.
It's not like I wrote the legislation or even necessarily endorse it... I
just wanted to raise awareness.

So, anyway, let me just try rephrasing with some more humanity involved:

As for posting correspondence on the internet, obviously no one's going to
come slapping you with a lawsuit for that, at least not when it's a few
words and from corwood industries, although you should keep in mind that
other organizations or individuals might, especially depending on what was
in the correspondence and how much was published.

A better ideal to keep in mind when considering sharing the correspondences
on the internet is how you might feel in that person's shoes.  What would it
be like if one day Corwood Industries started publishing random
correspondences from listeners, including people on the list, without their
permission?  I think that would be awful and it would hurt some people.
Notice that they have never done this.  So why should we do it to them,
especially if we claim to appreciate the organization and its work?

As for the idea of publishing a book of the correspondence, that is a
totally different matter and you would just undoubtedly have to have the
permission of Corwood -- and all of the correspondents, if you wanted to
publish both sides of correspondence.  Unless you are talking about
publishing a collection in 2150 A.D. it's a bit silly to discuss it
seriously without thinking about how you are going to get permission to do
it first.

I didn't mean to put a dark cloud over anyone's fantasies... I do understand
the fascination with the correspondence... but keep in mind it's the
writer's decision to make any writings public, not the reciever's.

And, after all, is there not enough that Corwood has already given the
public, to feed a soul for many years?  Why does one really need any more,
that is not (at least as of yet) intended to be public?  When I feel that
urge, I say to myself, listen to the albums again.  Listen closer this
time.  Learn and be fed more.  I do not need to read someone else's letters
to grow.

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