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Lauren Ciechanowski ciechano at stolaf.edu
Thu Feb 22 10:02:24 PST 2007

People who have felt the need to post their correspondence with Jandek on
the list have done so, and anyone interested can wade through the
archives. There is nothing of particular shock or interest outside of what
we already know.

I suppose it's everyone's perogative whether or not to share their
correspondence. I personally divide my correspondence with Jandek into
letters and notes. Notes are answers to questions, and as the name would
sugggest, rather brief and direct. Would I share those? Not verbatim, but
if someone posed a similar question I would answer it. Would I share
letters? Nope. Not because he's 'Jandek,' but because I respect him and
would not post any other letters anyone else sent me on a mailing list
without their express permission.

It is courtesy, not a veil of secrecy, that motivates most of the posters
to object to posting their correspondence with Corwood.


> i was being more sarcastic about the kafka thing... his request(upon his
> death) was for all of his stuff to be destroyed....
> obviously it was not as then we would have never heard of kafka.
> i just think that the overall attitude of treating jandek with such kid
> gloves is sort of getting out of hand...
> people from this list have shared things like what instruments were used
> on the records/cds and this has supposedly came directly from questions
> asked by letter... now what is the harm in knowing that  he played bass
> only on some record and it is it really necessary that everyone write him
> individually to ask the same question in order to gain such
> inconsequential knowledge...
>  i mean people aren't asking about his kids or wife or lovers or
> anything...
> some of this attitude come with the "jandek is my secret and i am keeping
> him to myself" indie rock atittude that should have died out after he
> started doing live shows.
> now if some one is his close friend and sharing personal stuff i can get
> how that is infringing but if he chooses to write a few lines to some
> nobody like me who is just ordering a few cd's then i take it that thi IS
> NOT THE HOLY GRAIL or some secret society nonesense.
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> Anything a person writes is copyrighted on creation.  The poor man's
> copyright you refer to only regards the registration of the copyright,
> which is not necessary for copyright to exist.
> As for Kafka... that's his choice isn't it?  I don't see any compelling
> reason that gives the public the right to see everything by every author.
> Although I'm sure I'd enjoy having access that as much as you... at the
> same time I respect people's privacy and their wishes, and that includes
> authors if they so choose.
> Would I love to read a book of Jandek's correspondence? Hell, yes.  Would
> I like to read a correspondence of his that he really intended to only be
> for the correspondent and himself, and never to be public?  Something
> seems unethical about that.  It wouldn't be worth it to me.
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