[Jandek] What The Rep Recommends

Chris Sink sinko25 at verizon.net
Thu Dec 27 09:39:30 PST 2007

I asked him to recommend a few CDs for a first timer, and he circled 
Ready For The House, Glasgow Monday, and one other early-period album I 
can't remember (the list is in my apartment and I'm at my parent's house 
for the holidays). I'll probably be ordering all three.

Rick Hall wrote:
> *Maybe this has been mentioned before and I just missed it, but someone 
> told me that they sent a note to Corwood and asked the Rep to send him 
> the CD the Rep thought he should hear.  Maybe Corwood just needed to 
> move some merchandise, but "Chair Beside A Window" came in the mail.  
> I'm doing the same thing next week and I'll let you all know the 
> outcome.  Has anyone else done this?*
> ** 
> *Texas*
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