[Jandek] Worst albums

Scott Bateman batetoon at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 26 19:03:49 PST 2007

Personally, I think Jandek's current period (since the spoken word albums) is his best period. I'm a huge fan of the bass albums, and the guitar albums since 2000 have been fantastic. I would love to see him do a solo bass concert.

Also, I'm a fan of the spoken word albums, but they're not for people just discovering Jandek. I'm still kind of amazed that the Corwood Rep allowed me to animate "I Went Outside" for my (on longterm hiatus) TV show.

Basically, the way I got into Jandek was simply by buying random albums that had cool cover photos and names. There aren't really any bad ones; each one's got merits.

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