[Jandek] Aarhus review

Jacob Ludvigsen gitteogjacob at galnet.dk
Sun Dec 2 22:33:02 PST 2007

I attended the show.
For the first and last song Phil Todd played guitar and the rep  
played piano. For the large middle part of the show they swapped places.
Alex Nielson on drums and some Danish bloke (can't remember the name)  
on bass.
It was very beautiful and as the review from geiger.dk mentions -  
very ghost-like - as it hadn't happened.
In the first (and best) song the rep kept on singing about wearing a  
scarf in Denmark: "i wore a scarf-in denmark-just like i said i would- 
it is-was that time of the year ".
A great gig! I would love to see him performing solo with an acoustic  


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