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Lauren Ciechanowski lauren.ciechanowski at gmail.com
Tue Aug 14 08:16:48 PDT 2007

I've got to agree with Danen on this. I think the temptation for a lot of
people is to recommend the same albums they've been recommending for years,
but Jandek's catalog and the subsequent bigger picture has really widened in
scope, and I think that a lot of the newer albums can be erally great

I feel like some people might shy away from recommending the newer stuff
simply because they're so used to recommending older, 'classic' Jandek, but
some of his best work has been in the past 8 years or so, I think.

My top three recommendations always seem to be Ready, Lost Cause, and
Glasgow Monday, though Manhatten Tuesday might be edging that one out.


On 8/13/07, Danen Jobe <danen1970 at gmail.com> wrote:
> On a slightly different take:
> Why not something newer? I personally think he's at the top of his game
> right now. Of course, you'd want to balance that with some earlier stuff,
> but I think Newcastle Sunday and Glasgow Monday are pretty tough to beat.
> Different from the early stuff, of course, but I think it's deserving. If
> you can get, say, an order of seven (lucky number) I'd do the two above,
> "Ready for the House," "Chair Beside a Window," "Blue Corpse," "The Living
> End" and "Glad to Get Away." You get through those and you have a pretty
> good idea of the sound. Some are personal picks - you might go with
> "Interstellar Discussion" or "Telegraph Melts" if you like things a bit more
> in the garage, or perhaps "Manhattan Tuesday" on the other end, with its
> psychedelic feel. I don't know. Maybe order the first ten and the last ten
> in a box of twenty? Can't beat the price.
> On 8/13/07, Feigin Boris <railfan93111 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > Blue Corpse is also generally considered to be a good starting point.
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