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he was a machinist in the 85 wernt he? when the interview was done. He 
probably got promoted, and had the White collar job when the mrs, vine 
tracked him down.

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>Today's Topics:
>    1. responde to Jandekian and Seth (Erik May)
>    2. clenching and unclenching my fist (sugar moon)

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>Subject: [Jandek] responde to Jandekian and Seth
>Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2007 12:10:40 -0400
>I think perhaps he plays "live" in Houton all the time, and wants to spread
>the message elsewhere?  I could make up a dozen different reasons...
>Of the new series, I've recently listened several times to "When I Took 
>So few have given such a grisly view of "love."  It's a powerful antidote 
>I take it back, many people give such a view of love, but they do it
>accidentally, through their actions, they can prompt you to realize it in
>such a way.  Few are able and willing to reflect so powerfully on it, to
>expose it for what it often is in an unflinching way.  I think it's
>interesting that such revelations still come late in the career.  Like he
>seemed to realize certain things on the spoken word albums, to make certain
>commitments, and then he comes right out and starts deviating from them
>right away, with a heightened awareness of how sour it is, yet unable to
>resist.  I know it could very easily be just a character, but the writing 
>just so convincing that it is hard not to believe it is a reflection on a
>chapter of his life.
>  The vocal delivery on that album is almost so hilarious at times that it
>makes me want to laugh, but usually then I start to swallow my laugh in a
>gulp of fear at recognizing just how prone I am to the same foolishness.
>Hearty stuff, highly recommended whenever you are taking sex or the fantasy
>thereof as a "medicine" for loneliness.  It can be part of the real cure.  
>think I'll listen to it a few times again before the month is out.
>Thanks everyone, for humoring my feeble opinion,

>From: sugar moon <coldsugarmoon at yahoo.com>
>To: jandek at mylist.net
>Subject: [Jandek] clenching and unclenching my fist
>Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2007 11:00:52 -0700 (PDT)
>Happenstance, the representative from Corwood and I
>were heading to his Manhattan show at the same time on
>the same sidewalk. He did speak of trespass in the
>show and truly I think he actually was trespassing
>that  evening because when I spotted him, he was
>exiting to the sidewalk from that sort of "members
>only" park near the co-op. Maybe he wanted to get
>himself all, you know, psyched about breaking the law.
>He walked very very briskly and he repeatedly yet
>arhythmically clenched and unclenched his fist the
>entire time.
>I thought I was the only one laughing during that
>highlight song "There are no GIRLS here" right on.
>well it was a by and large very "SERIOUS" audience but
>that seems to be the NY scene anyhow who have so been
>there, done that.
>actually the real highlight 4 me was the tightly
>controlled exhuberance and exhilaration that he
>managed to convey while being entirely, steadfastly
>solitary. I imagine like myself many people on this
>list have and do listen to some very AHEM "difficult"
>music but never have I experienced such a solid wall
>I felt like I was being drawn into his world, like
>"yea, I can relate to this, we're in the same place on
>this one" he would shut me down with something that
>said "what i have going on has got nothing to do with
>what you've got going on". with the music.  even with
>harsh noise and pretty much any music I've ever heard,
>music that scares my kitten, i've always felt that the
>artist was reaching out to connect with kindrid
>spirits in some way, but Jandek, man, its like no
>fucking way. He is not having that. Well, that is what
>his work feels about, to me, and I think it is
>brilliant and probably the most interesting thing I've
>experienced in years.
>he manages to look both very young and very old at
>times. i hope he is really a machinist.
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