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I first heard of Jandek in the mid-late 80's when only a few college stations would ever play his music (particularly Irwin Chusid on WFMU in NJ).  The only way to get his records was thru Corwood directly, and meeting somone else who appreciated him was pure chance.  What appealed to me the most was the idea that the guy was putting this totally inscrutable arkane music/noise out into the ether.  
With the advent of the internet and especially since the documentary came out, Jandek's become much more visible in the media (and in person, obviously).  YOu can now buy Jandek CD's on Amazon.  In some way I almost regret the wider exposure, like they let out our little inside joke.  
Of course th wider exposure is still relative.   He's hardly "gone Hollywood".   I wish the Corwood Representative success (if that's what he wants), and of course I'm dying for the opportunity to see him live in southern California sometime.
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