[Jandek] anybody have all the vinyl albums

arkhonia gavin at arkhonia.co.uk
Wed Apr 18 18:55:46 PDT 2007

> I wish Corwood could upload and sell vinyl tranfers of the vinyl versions,
> so listeners who have the cd versions could hear what they missed...

I think that the albums were remastered and re-edited to remove
specific details (for whatever reason) that detract from the original
intent of the recordings. I suspect that, in an ideal world, the vinyl
issues maybe never happened, and the CD issues are the author-approved
'revised versions', and that everything that is missing or obscured by
editing and noise reduction has been done so with an intent in
mind...Corwood wouldn't be barcoding CD issues if they didn't want
these releases to have some currency in the 21st century, and, by
extension, wishing for vinyl issues and 'original masters' is kind of
backwards-looking, in part a record-nerd's fetishising of artifacts
over content, and in part like favouring Flaubert's original
'Temptation of St. Antony' over the crisp modern economy of his final
version: who needs 'rough drafts' when there's a final version?

Just an observation, and maybe playing Devil's Advocate (and from the
luxurious perspective of an owner of all the albums on vinyl)


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