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Joshua Harris pinholga at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 9 06:00:39 PDT 2007

Greetings listees,
I have put up some galleries of both Indianapolis
Saturday (featuring color pictures not on the tisue
site) and Richmond Sunday. Sorry it took so long to
get this done, I got super busy right after getting
back from VA. I got a bit more adventurous with my
Richmond photos, some nice long exposures trying to
catch the Corwood hip shake that has been all the rage
and so on. I also caught a smile at the end. It's out
of focus, but you can tell. I'll probably put more up
eventually. Check 'em out here:

Feel free to leave comments/e-mail me/whatever.

In non photo stuff, I have some confusions about
things on the list of late that maybe somebody
(bodies) can clear up.

1) Boston show - someone referenced a posting
somewhere that didn't cite the source. When Seth
updated the site, he posted the Montreal show, but not
the Boston show. I know a bit about it, but haven't
seen anything official in any of the places I'd
expect. Needles to say, I am excited to be able to
take the subway to a Jandek concert...

3) Bootlegs - this discussion seemed to get started
about some French vinyl reissues. Anyone have any
data...? Are they made with Corwood's blessing? If so,
are they made with the original master tape? The
discussion about the difference in the masters a while
back got me drooling, I'd love to pick up some
reissues if they're worth the trouble.

2)Pitchfork - you people are getting upset at
Pitchfork for calling a Jandek show boring, for
reals...? If the PF wanted to reserve the right to
call anything boring, they shouldn't have given the
most boring record of the past 10 years a 9.7.

See some of you in NYC,

"Blessed are the sociable, that say stupid things
And get close to their neighbors"

Joshua A. Harris, pinholga at yahoo.com

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