[Jandek] Open Mic Jandek Cover Night 2006

Maurice Rickard maurice at mac.com
Sat Sep 30 08:37:19 PDT 2006

Another year, another Jandek Day Open Mic Cover Night.  Once again, 
this is November 5 (a Sunday, this year), in Pittsburgh, PA, at the 
Kiva Han coffee house at Forbes and Craig Streets in the Oakland 
section of Pittsburgh.  (Near the Carnegie Museum.)  We'll be running 
from 7 to 9 or so.  This will be an all ages event, and free.  Anyone 
can come and play...but you'll have to cover a Jandek song.  There 
are no constraints on style or instrumentation, though full drum sets 
would be impractical due to space limitations and the need for quick 
turnover.  I'll have microphones and amplification; feel free to 
bring guitars, keyboards or other instruments.

Unlike the March Radio Edition (for which we had some great 
contributions--thanks, J-List!), this one's limited to people who can 
actually show up in the space to perform.  So if you're anywhere near 
Pittsburgh on November 5, consider dropping by.

So that's what we know right now.  See you there!


Maurice Rickard
http://mauricerickard.com/   |   http://onezeromusic.com/

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