[Jandek] Another Glasgow Monday review/ Critical Rant

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right on, gavin 
On Monday, September 25, 2006, at 05:10PM, Gavin <gavin at arkhonia.co.uk> wrote:

>> I don't know, I wish people could stop tripping about the "sudden
>> change" and realize that the enigmatic "just the music, nothing
>> more," primitive musician is a creation of the press.
>Or the audiences...I think that there's a kind of *disappointment* in
>this review, and in some of the other live reviews (of both gigs and
>recordings), where Jandek undermines the 'mystery' by being
>unmysterious, and is in some ways less interesting for doing it, and
>I've heard non-partisan Jandek listeners voice similar opinions, like it
>would all be better if the person responsible for all of this stayed
>hidden away...the 'mystery' is attractive, but it's a construct that
>Corwood seem to be cautiously but determinedly dismantling - people
>have met and spoken with the Corwood Representative, postal
>communications have always been maintained between listeners, and the
>'mystery' itself was always only ever an absence of context (no press,
>no interviews, no comment) rather than the kind of obfuscation that,
>say, The Residents manufactured...my own take on Jandek was that it
>was always a process as well as a product, and with the live
>performances we get to witness the process at work - and maybe, at
>least for the Dusted reviewer, this process is just not really very
>And since when was there any kind of consensus opinion on 'Jandek On
>Corwood' being 'banal'? I don't read Dusted - is this sniffy tone
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