[Jandek] Another Glasgow Monday review/ Critical Rant

Gavin gavin at arkhonia.co.uk
Mon Sep 25 10:47:45 PDT 2006

> I don't know, I wish people could stop tripping about the "sudden
> change" and realize that the enigmatic "just the music, nothing
> more," primitive musician is a creation of the press.

Or the audiences...I think that there's a kind of *disappointment* in
this review, and in some of the other live reviews (of both gigs and
recordings), where Jandek undermines the 'mystery' by being
unmysterious, and is in some ways less interesting for doing it, and
I've heard non-partisan Jandek listeners voice similar opinions, like it
would all be better if the person responsible for all of this stayed
hidden away...the 'mystery' is attractive, but it's a construct that
Corwood seem to be cautiously but determinedly dismantling - people
have met and spoken with the Corwood Representative, postal
communications have always been maintained between listeners, and the
'mystery' itself was always only ever an absence of context (no press,
no interviews, no comment) rather than the kind of obfuscation that,
say, The Residents manufactured...my own take on Jandek was that it
was always a process as well as a product, and with the live
performances we get to witness the process at work - and maybe, at
least for the Dusted reviewer, this process is just not really very

And since when was there any kind of consensus opinion on 'Jandek On
Corwood' being 'banal'? I don't read Dusted - is this sniffy tone


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